Five Star Review


Harold does it and he does it well. Caribbean food from a Barbados chef... Its authentic island food... GREAT FOOD. So delicious. Eggplant and plantains with sweet potatoes served with macadamia nuts and quinoa. Salad came with fried plantain chips and a baby arugula base with a tasty mango balsamic dressing. Not enough? He also brought us an extra side plate of rice... end of the day and he stayed open to cook for us. Jamming to Steel Pulse and Bob Marley. I honestly would have never guessed I'd run into this restaurant in Solvang... but 
Here it is. Killing the game. 

I can't leave out the great conversation and the rad owner/cook. Can't wait to come back.

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Five Star Review


Authentic Caribbean food in Solvang?!?
I'm coming here from now on. It's freakin fantastic. The dude Herald, who owns the joint, is a super cool and humble guy with great taste and style. 
I've lived around the Caribbean flavor before and this is the real deal. Legit.
Coming from a local, you can't get a better vibe anywhere else, or a real badass Cuban sandwich!

Five Star Review


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Wow!! Food was amazing! I order the jerk chicken and rice and beans boy oh boy did that satisfy my appetite for something spicy. The meat was cooked to perfection! The rice was just the way i like it. My spouse order the short ribs and she barely spoke to me once she got them lol. She kept saying "omg" "omg" ...i tried a bite and yes "omg" was right. That meat was sooooo tender,juicy, and flavored....slow cooked on point!!!! Oh i forgot we also got a arugula salad to start off with. Never had an arugula salad it was great and im not sure about the dressing but it went perfect with the arugula. 

Only thing negative i have to say was unfortunately service that day was EXTREMELY slow. One of his workers called out and the poor guy was in the kitchen and taking orders on his own. We had an hr wait for our food! 

Otherwise i would of definitely given him 5 stars!

Fantastic! Service, Ambiance, Harold is soo nice. Quiet location off the beaten path near Fresco Cafe.
Jordan L. Las Vegas, NV
Wonderful, fresh flavors & dog friendly. I've never tried Caribbean food! We ate a fresh lentil salad with a bright lift of peanut sauce. Each bite more delicious than the first, and uncovered different vegetables. We also had pumpkin coconut soups, very fresh!! on the patio, warmed by the sun while the dog took a nap. The restaurant is in a beautiful lawn area called Atterdag Square, next to segway tours! They also serve chicken, pork & fish, & picnic trays. We will definitely come back for fresh & healthy, & exotic flavors! !!
Tracy H. Fremont, CA
Delicious, Delicious, Delicious! Pay attention as you can miss it if your not careful. City ordinances are strict on signage so you will locate this gem right next door to the Segway Office. The owner Harold was so sweet and a great chef. We had the plantains/ceviche and curry goat plate. As the hippo in Madagascar says "ahhhh so good"!
Tiah H. Ventura, CA
My mouth is watering thinking about the lunch I just ate. If you like fresh and flavorful, than you will love the Hummingbird Cafe.
Noelle Geiger
Fantastic! Service, Ambiance, Harold is soo nice. Quiet location off the beaten path near Fresco Cafe.
Jordan L. Las Vegas, NV